B's Story

If you made it here, you know that I do "something" with technology in the creative and IT space. I do and I love every minute of it. I am an entrepreneur by nature and a UI Engineer by skill. Those two skill sets don't typically meet, but somehow I've made a way to merge them. I leverage the power of technology to create, invest and consult with various companies throughout the world from startup to large businesses.

I love programming — taking both large and small ideas and making them masterpieces of art and usability. I work hard to over deliver to clients and cultivate an open environment to brainstorm and fuel growth. Working in the start-up world was a blast and acquisitions were always a educational and motivational experience.

For the past five years, I've prided myself in understanding and bridging business, marketing and engineering requirements. All of these departments have requirements and I often serve as the liaison that brings all of these requirements to fruition. I listen. I research. I design. I build. I demo. #repeat. The start-up world taught me versatility which has been a key skill set that I'm able to offer. And now more than ever, I believe it is critical in order to keep up with bleeding edge technology, providing quick yet effective solutions for clients and stakeholders and keeping up with competitors.