B's Story

As a strategic leader with over 10 years experience in startup, B2B and B2C markets, my passion is wrapped around innovation and product strategy in SaaS products.

My experience depicts intensive time delivering high-quality, customer approved software applications whether in the legacy or emerging technology world. I pride myself in understanding and bridging business, marketing and engineering requirements serving as a liaison to bring a diverse set of requirements to fruition.

I've served time in every role of software management from UX, UI, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Product Management in order to be fluid in all dimensions. This has allowed me to lead and cultivate strong teams that over-deliver and generate revenue growth. I have an unmatched ability to interact with customers and key stakeholders in order to deliver effective and efficient communications that is demanded in any environment.

In my free time, I find myself kayaking, spending time outdoors, cooking, laughing at horrible (but hilarious) jokes and most importantly spending quality time with my family and friends. I also purchase way too many books and start a lot of home projects that end surprisingly great or a complete disaster. With that being said, I believe in failure for many reasons but I truly believe it pushes our limits further than we ever imagined. And when you push the limits, you discover and when you discover you grow. And when you allow yourself to grow, you find that success is a constant progress and not merely a destination.