B's Story

Brittany Glover, SAFe 4.5 Agilist, CSM, CPO -- is a transformative and data-driven Product Management leader, UI Engineer and educator with over 12 years of strategic and tactical leadership. Founding three startups and successfully leading four lean startups, Brittany’s passion is wrapped around innovation and product strategy in agile SaaS, PaaS and IaaS products in both B2B and B2C markets.

PeopleBest ranks Brittany as a creator, persuader, selective and modest. Gallup Strength Finder describes Brittany’s top themes as activator, self-assurance, adaptability, relator, and ideation.

Through serving in every role of software management from UX, UI, Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Product Management, she believes in transformation and connections. Transformation allows us to continuously evolve in legacy or emerging technology, allowing us to connect the known and unknown dots while also understanding risks, objectives, and KPIs. She enjoys working with teams of all sizes to help acknowledge, educate and strategically build concepts out or help teams implement processes that help them run quicker. With experience serving in every role, Brittany is able to work with all internal and external stakeholders serving as a liaison to bring a diverse set of requirements to fruition.

As a strong leader in any room, one of the things Brittany loves most is taking stakeholders on a journey to help them transform. Understanding and moving forward without necessary context is difficult, but Brittany has developed a multi-disciplinary methodology that helps add more meaning the pool of knowledge while simutenesouly helping develop a process that teams can commit and take action on for years ahead. Brittany enjoys design thinking, customer and market alignment, roadmap development, go to market strategy and customer problem-solving.

Brittany holds an MA in Computer Science from Elon University and BA in English/Communications and Leadership Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She strongly believes that building high performing teams is candidly one of the most important factors for success in any environment. In addition to her strong technical background and work in technology, Brittany also serves as a Code Instructor for INTech Camp. Additionally, she is an advocate of Diversity and Inclusion where she serves as a D&I coach helping teams redefine inclusion and culture.

In her time, her most fond moments are made traveling, kayaking, spending time outdoors, cooking, reading and spending quality time with my family and friends. She also starts a lot of home projects that end surprisingly great or a complete disaster. And when you push the limits, you discover and when you discover you grow. And when you allow yourself to grow, you find that success is a constant progress and not merely a destination.