LBG Media

LBG Media is a full service creative agency providing high caliber consulting to small and medium size companies. We work to remain innovative and to provide transcending solutions. With each product we build, our brand stands out amongst the rest. We understand that the needs of companies vary and we remain flexible in order to meet evolving needs. We listen as you share your vision for the future, while taking note as you share details about your history. As a results driven creative, our strategies will transcend your business on a larger scale. While some companies build around the why's, our emphasis is on the why not?

Intersections: A Diversity & Inclusion Company

It's a little bit of chemistry, and backed by years of experience. Sometimes we all need an objective mind breaking down the boundaries, to help create new ones that as more inclusive for everyone. We help companies and individuals step outside of themselves and their affiliations in order to educate their unconscious bias. We start by assessing environment and then use education and company culture + using our own playbook backed by years of experience to foster change. We understand that some companies are extremely progressive, while others have more difficult learning curves, risks and dependencies involved.