Brittany Glover

Professional Experience

Senior Product Manager, CA Technologies

September 2016 - Present

Agile Central (Formerly Rally) Feature Initiatives:
  • Quick Detail Preview (QDP)
  • Internationalization
  • Quality Management
  • @mentions
  • Modernize
  • Code Deprecation
Accelerator Initiatives:
  • Catchfly: Owner and influencer of product roadmap strategy launching Android and iOS applications achieving 150% of business goals within 6 months of joining company.

  • Work daily with a team of engineers and leadership to execute product strategy, roadmap, and vision to accelerate the delivery of features to be deployed meeting market demands and competition.
  • Define and scope the priority of features with a cross functional team of product managers, UX, marketing, and engineering based on validated customer learnings and usage data.
  • Use Agile driven execution to understand sizing, capacity, and deliverability and effectively communicating to teams and stakeholders feature value and direction.
  • Champion Lean Start up methodologies for quick pivoting, design, and problem solution fit in order to deliver complete features to GA consistently by high visibility deadlines.
  • Maintain competitive edge by continuously adapting user experience and testing customer facing mockups for problem validation, market research and solution fit.
  • Conduct market research, competitive analysis, and marketing messaging with internal and external participants to deliver external product messaging and features.

Offering Manager & User Experience Partner, IBM

October 2015 - Present

Technical Product Manager and User Experience Partner for IBM Commerce’s e-Commerce/Merchandising, B2B and Cognitive team. Responsible for working with Offering Managers and cross-sectional team across IBM Commerce to drive and quantify market opportunities in order to design and analyze current portfolios, as well as define innovative products that will drive market share using Design Thinking and agile methodologies.

  • Manage the educational advocacy of IBM Commerce Offering Manager’s through solely designing and developing a digital knowledge-base center which educates IBM leaders on the Offering Management discipline and provides user focused design and development. This cross segment online knowledge-base attracts IBM leaders and employees worldwide providing in-depth knowledge and best practices around IBM’s Offering Management operating model, team tooling and IBM Commerce’s Sponsor Users program which was refined during digital transition.
  • Manage current product offerings and propose new products that focus on Cloud based marketing and development initiatives through strategic planning and portfolio management.
  • Responsible for defining and identifying potential cross-segment product proposals within IBM Commerce that involved collaborating with various external companies’ product portfolios which included Watson, The Weather Channel, REI, Salesforce, etc.
  • Identify business needs and opportunities for internal and external commerce departments and design roadmaps covering business requirements, design, development and operations of products and and departmental stakeholders.
  • Responsible for the digital redesign of IBM Commerce’s Sponsor User program and assisted in weekly recruitment of external clients for sponsorships such as Toms, Nordstroms, Target, Clorox, Dell and Sallie Mae.
  • Educate and train companies and internal IBM departments on Design Thinking, User Experience and Agile best practices. Create empathy maps and storyboards with clients to discover pain points and establish solutions to pro-actively identify and solve pain points.
  • Create empathy maps and storyboards with clients to discover pain points and establish solutions to pro-actively identify and solve pain points.
  • Generate innovative products to implement as beta releases by working with state of the art design, development and dev- ops engineering leads.

Senior UI/Front End Engineer, IBM

January 2014 - October 2015

  • UI/UX team lead for IBM Cloud OpenStack Services, formerly SoftLayer, and Cloud Managed Services managing eight developers worldwide, external vendors and agile sprints to ensure that projects run smoothly and delivered on time while proactively planning for bugs, patches and additional testing as scrum master.
  • Software development using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript (jQuery/Dojo) and MySQL and other open-source technologies.
  • Administrator daily scrum meetings with team and bi-weekly with third-party vendors as needed.
  • Present new innovative technologies to utilize such a responsive development, advanced content management systems, external products and other tools to better support technical vision and business requirements.
  • Develop short and long-term goals based on feedback from users, test results and internal and external executives.
  • Pitch third party vendors to management to establish contracts and relationships with external products needed.
  • Prepare UI wireframes and prototypes to present to stakeholders in order to establish a more effective and efficient user experience.
  • Assist in the creation of content throughout sites to provide clear instructions and documentation on product.
  • Maintain W3C validation, accessibility and usability testing, patches and web maintenance/support.

Principal UI Engineer, Domus Semo Sancus

November 2014 - May 2016

Domus Semo Sancus (DSS) Ltd. is an financial technology start-up company and IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner building tools to encourage financial inclusion and bridge the e-commerce divide. Responsible for assistance in concept and delivery of SafetyNet and Wowlet.

  • Responsible for the User Experience and Front End Development of and
  • Transition Photoshop mockups into functional usable UI components using HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework in MVC application to support backend code.
  • Identify market requirements and perform competitive analysis in order to discover competitive features and emerging innovative technologies to build upon.
  • Work with Engineering, Marketing and Sale teams to conduct product planning and life-cycle to achieve highly competitive application features.
  • Conduct A/B Testing and User Experience testing with external clients in order to drive continuous application improvements.
  • Ensure browser compatibility across supported platform and utilize development techniques to optimize page speed.

Business Consultant & Web Developer, Align Creative

November 2010 - Present

  • User Experience and Design/Development consulting with start-ups and medium to large companies worldwide. Companies include but not limited to Wiser Air, Duke Practical Playbook, Neighborhood Clinic, Dognition, UNC Chapel Hill, SynTelus Chemicals, ZoGuard Plus, IBM Cloud OpenStack Services and Progressive Graphics, View Triangle Homes and more.
  • Software development utilizing PHP, MVC frameworks, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and open-source technologies.
  • Conducted in-depth analysis on past, current and future business trends including but not limited to analytics, A/B testing, small and large competitor analysis, market research to develop new innovative tools that support business goals.
  • Intensively trained clients on most up to date web standards, best practices and the most effective ways to utilize applications built to better support clients’ demographics and needs.
  • Manage a team of five individuals, conducting weekly team and individual meetings to ensure deadlines are met, status updates and strategic brainstorming.
  • Monitored and trained internal team to handle web operations for current clients and handle bugs/patches, upgrades, client requests, demos, etc.
  • Manage a team of five individuals, conducting weekly team and individual meetings to ensure deadlines are met, status updates and strategic brainstorming.
  • Monitored and trained internal team to handle web operations for current clients and handle bugs/patches, upgrades, client requests, demos, etc.
  • Developed and launched technical non-profit for juvenile students to learn design and code fundamentals in Raleigh-Durham areas to provide community and individual rehabilitation.

Operations Manager, Smashing Boxes

March 2013 - November 2013

  • Managed a team of 20+ and led cross functional teams between IT, Marketing, Sales and Finance for continued development, team documentation,marketing initiatives, pitches and process/cost improvement efforts. Handled monthly project schedules, client meetings, team needs, backlog information and weekly status meetings to report issues, new contracts, action items and preparation. Conducted hiring process for potential employees growing company 20% within four months.
  • Planned and managed emerging business needs as company grew and initiated new processes in order to plan for larger team and news clients; communicated challenges and issues to senior management; assessing causes and implications, recommending solutions and costs, and encourage shared problem solving within the project team.
  • Improved team training methods equipping team with improved presentation skills and conducted semi-annual performance reviews with team to create quality relationships, goals and expectations.

Web Developer, Smashing Boxes

November 2012 - March 2013

  • Software development in HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Ruby on Rails, PHP (Drupal/WordPress/Cardboard), MySQL, PostGres and new open source technologies.
  • Created estimates for new client outreach and responded to RFP, often requiring initial pitches. Assisted in creating an improved client discovery process in order to define goals, requirements and determine technologies and functionality.
  • Pitched technical and marketing ideas to high profile clients and communicated/presented to stakeholders bi-weekly to ensure product satisfaction, updated requirements and feedback.
  • Created wireframes or prototypes to offer more innovative user experiences and improved functionality of web applications.
  • Managed web analytics, performance optimization, SEO, maintenance/patches.

Web Developer, rPath

December 2011 - November 2012

  • Developed and managed corporate website and various micro sites for marketing and portal purposes using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Git and a variety of open-source technologies; monitored web operations, support tickets, patches, web analytics, performance optimization and SEO.
  • Served as Creative Strategist and developed all material for digital, print and web productions, managing relationships and collaborated with third-party companies to implement web-based tools.
  • Liaison between marketing, business, engineering and sales team in order to merge requirements from each department and provide technical solutions; trained and supported staff on web standards and the best ways to utilize internal and external tools.
  • Managed interns providing tasks, feedback, performance reviews and training on web development and marketing tools in order to assist with monthly web blasts and Salesforce integrations.
  • Other responsibilities included marketing, branding, photography, videography and managing social media platforms.

Web Developer, NIEHS

August 2011 - October 2011

  • Contractor to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
  • Application development in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
  • Migrated design, development and content updates into Percussion content management system while offering more efficient ways to code and a cleaner code base.
  • Helped refactor broken elements in previous content management system in order to prevent implementing bugs in new system.
  • Advised and collaborated with web and business development teams to identify problems and provide quick solutions to integrate.
  • Worked with internal teams to successfully manage client relations.
  • Ensured cross-browser compatibility and web standards were met in each release
  • Trained team members in more efficient and innovative methods to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to create improved code quality during transition.

Project Design Specialist, University Directories

May - July 2010

  • Planned, prepared and created the design and publication of a wide variety of complex graphic artwork, including but not limited to brochures, newsletters, displays, charts, graphs, maps, diagrams, transparencies, promotional materials, and web pages for college and Universities across US
  • Consulted with clients and department staff requesting artwork, in the creation, planning and development of materials, illustrations, and publications incorporating graphic artwork
  • Designed and prepared two to four color layouts, multi-pages, presentations, publications, and reports for both print and the web
  • Designed and organized the content of publications, recommended types styles, and made suggestions to improve and clarify headline/body copy
  • Remained abreast of innovative theories, practices, and techniques related to graphic design
  • Prepared detailed print specifications and costs estimates of productions; researches print costs to affirm estimates

Web Editor, UNC Wilmington

January - December 2009

  • Ensured student site was updated consistently with regards to the information, data and other content
  • Posted new content up to five days a week
  • Produced weekly online publication of on-campus events
  • Worked with University departments to market on- and off-campus events
  • Created, managed, transcribed and submitted surveys

Editorial Intern, BusinessWeek Magazine

May - August 2009

  • Pitched story ideas to executive team
  • Developed content for B-school website
  • Interviewed top tier MBA school officials
  • Conducted, transcribed and scheduled interviews
  • Produced two articles a week for publication

Diversity Recruitment Coordinator, UNC Wilmington

August 2008 - May 2009

  • Responsible for the support and administration required to execute the firm's diversity initiative successfully
  • Planned, organized and coordinated the development and implementation of diversity programs, projects and activities to meet the mission and strategic goals of the firm's diversity program
  • Scheduled and coordinated Diversity Committee meetings
  • Event planning for receptions, lunches, meetings, summer camps, traning, etc.
  • Generated reports of diversity information as requested by clients, colleagues, and other organizations
  • Created and revised Admission's promotional materials sent to accepted and prospective students
  • Organized symposiums and events for prospective students

Public Relations Intern, Interscope Records

May - August 2007

  • Escorted and represented celebrity artists to local stations, press releases and entertainment events
  • Drafted basic public relations materials including news releases, media alerts, fact sheets, client meeting summaries, status reports and other materials promoting music and events
  • Carried out special and media event planning activities and arrangements
  • Attended and participated in client meetings, media training sessions, presentations and brainstorming sessions as directed
  • Assisted with the development and updating of media lists and other databases, including client, marketing, prospect and administrative databases
  • Assisted with the management of vendors to complete tasks including, but not limited to printing of materials, renting of audio/visual equipment, photography, graphic arts services or supplying needed product
  • Assisted with administrative duties including fax processing, sorting, collating, stuffing envelopes, mailings and other administrative functions as assigned. Supports the firm’s efforts by drafting new client releases and performing research activities. Assists firm staff with other client, business development and firm management projects as needed


Elon University
Master of Arts in Interactive Media
Graduated: May 2011

UNC Wilmington
Bachelors of Arts in English
Minor in Journalism & Leadership Studies
Graduated: December 2009

SAFe 4 Agilist (SA), 2018
Offering Product Owner, 2016
Offering Management Certification, 2015
Professional Writing Certification, 2009


  • Lean Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Agile and Lean Methodologies
  • Leadership/Change Management
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Client Relations
  • Wireframing/Prototyping
  • Multimedia Strategy
  • Development Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Continuous Delivery
  • UI/UX Design
  • Marketing/Branding
  • Usability Testing
  • Operations
  • Analytics


(Youth Enrichment Series)

INTech Scholars participate in a 5-day experience where they learn how to build websites. They are placed in teams in which they choose a social issue to focus on for their final product. In addition, Scholars network with women in the industry and participate in company tours.

(Youth Enrichment Series)

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Youth Enrichment Series, Inc. is a faith-based, pre-college enrichment program for students in grades 3-12 and their families currently headquartered in Graham, NC.


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